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    a full-service content creation studio located in Uptown Oakland, CA


Media creation is not a solitary process. Collaboration is an inherent component of media projects as input comes from a myriad of sources. Acknowledgment and proper credit are paramount to this process, and Mr. Smith Studios is a reflection of that philosophy. Credits are far more than just an obligatory footnote, they are testament to the creative drive and expertise required for a successful, unified vision. Whether the roll runs at major motion picture length, or is a few brief cards showcasing a small, tight-knit team, no project is complete without the names of every person responsible for making it happen. Each project is only as strong as the sum of its contributors.

At Mr. Smith Studios, we are producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, artists, and everything in between. A combined force with years of storytelling experience, we are the definitive solution at the heart of today's creative content revolution. Collaboration is the very essence of our process, and our mission is to ensure each of our client's media needs are met with expert precision using every available tool.

Mr. Smith is not an individual. We are all Mr. Smith.


  • Cinematic shots and lighting
  • Single or Multi Camera production
  • Scalable to fit project needs & budget
  • Portraiture
  • Product
  • Creative/Emotive
  • 20 years of experience
  • Comercial, Corporate & Documentary editorial
  • Motion Graphics
  • Location recording
  • Voice Over
  • Audio Mixing & Repair
  • Previz
  • Compositing
  • Technical Direction
  • Color grading
  • Audio Finishing
  • Muliti-Format Delivery


Story is powerful!

It is vital to our existence. As social beings, it’s how we communicate and how we make sense of the world.
Telling well-crafted and authentic stories will connect your organization with your audience emotionally, and move them to act.

In partnership with Green Ray Media, The STORY MATTERS workshops teach you how to identify and tell your most effective
stories that will strengthen your organization’s message and get the results you want.

    Strategic Storytelling
    • Learn the importance and power of Story
    • Understand the fundamentals of Story Structure and use it to craft effective stories
    • Develop skills to hook your audience from the very beginning
    • Identify your most compelling stories for maximum results with your target audience
    • Create a story that represents your organization’s values
    • Learn how to consistently mine new stories in your organization
    • Learn to create a “story cloud” that will enhance your organization’s values and brand

    Presentation / Pitch Skills
    • Learn to tell a great story and speak with confidence before any audience
    • Hone live communication skills and earn how to infuse your presentation with passion and enthusiasm
    • Learn techniques to channel nerves, relax and breathe, make eye contact, and use body language and gestures to communicate in a clear, concise, entertaining and persuasive manner
    • Prepare, rehearse and present your individual narratives for feedback

    The Art of Visual Storytelling
    • Learn the importance and power of visual storytelling
    • Develop the skills to tell your story using video and audio, in a way that will engage your audience
    • Understand how your distribution model effects the way you tell your story visually
    • Learn how to repurpose your video assets and get the most out of them


  • We have been fortunate to work with Mr. Smith on four projects over the past two years, and our experience could not have been better - every time. David embraced our vision for each project and made it better. The execution process was seamless. The team was great at problem-solving as things came up, and kept pushing the work forward. The fact that David is passionate about the work and takes real pride in striving for excellence really came through. We would highly recommend Mr. Smith as a partner.

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    Lucia Fernandez-Palacios Marketing Director, Juma Ventures.
  • Educational marketing videos can be dry at times. But Mr Smith Studios has consistently provided us with content that not only conveys our core message but also provides emotional connection for the viewers. The award winning videos that Mr Smith Studio's provides has introduced us to whole new audience of potential students. All this and amazing client care!

    Author image
    Michael Davidson AVP of Marketing and Communications, John F. Kennedy University


Now that you know about us, we’d like to know about you. Mr. Smith is always on the lookout for exciting and new projects to lend our expertise. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.